White lanes for Bowling

From wood to synthetic

Previously, the surface of the bowling alley was made of wood. There was no other choice of material. Because the lanes wear out, they had to be regularly sanded and varnished. A sweeping coast that belongs to the past.

Meanwhile, the lanes are no longer made of wood but of wear-resistant synthetic.

Benefits of synthetic lanes

The synthetic bowling lanes have a number of advantages compared to the wooden lanes:

  • Long lifespan
  • Easy to maintain
  • Different colors possible
  • Different prints possible

White bowling alleys

Why a white bowling alley might you be wondering? Just because it's possible!!
And not only because it is possible, it also gives a very cool appearance when the white lanes are combined with LED lighting.

White lanes with LED lighting is now the new standard!

Replacing existing lanes for (white) synthetic lanes

Do you have old wooden bowlinglanes, or do you have synthetic bowlinglanes that look old-fashioned then they can easily be replaced for the modern white synthetic variant.