BCE : Your partner in bowling!

Independent market leader

Started in 1986, B.C.E. developed into European market leader around everything related to bowling and Leisure. As the only independent supplier in Europe, we supply and advise bowling entrepreneurs across the world, for the best prices.

Installation, renovation, repair

We install, maintain, renovate and repair, but also support investors and entrepreneurs, for example, when choosing an architect or contractor or with developing a complete business plan, including advice on operational management and operation.


Our specialists have more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of the bowling world. As a result, we can not only assist you technically, but you can also call on all the knowledge and experience that we have in-house. Furthermore, we have an extensive relationship and knowledge network with which we have an answer to really all questions concerning the construction, modernization and / or operation of your center.


B.C.E. stands for responsible entrepreneurship and always chooses 'the greenest solution'. (Think of FSC approved wood, LED, low-energy LCD screens, etc.) In that context... We also choose our suppliers with the utmost care because they have to be able to meet the highest quality, environmental and safety requirements. The same applies to our renovation plan where we completely dismantle used equipment to overhaul. The end result is a machine that looks like new, works like new and with the same quality guarantee as new yet it is 30% cheaper. With every budget we can offer an appropriate plan and the reuse does not burden the environment.

Product Range

Everything under one roof or ’one-stop-shop’, is short for B.C.E. If it has anything to do with bowling in any form, we can literally and figuratively meet all your wishes. With our extensive network of partners and suppliers, we are not tied to one specific brand. In this way, within a budget you specify, we can always offer exactly what you ask for and guarantee an optimal price-quality ratio. With our wide stock of new and refurbished products, we can also offer you the best prices.

Brochure: We'll Get Them Rollin
Brochure: Recreatie met Rendement