Automatic Bumpers for Bowling

Automatic bumpers, a must for your bowling!

Nowadays it's unthinkable NOT to have bumpers in your bowling. Bumpers make life a lot more easier for children and people who have some difficulties aiming the ball and scoring on the lane, because they prevent the ball from hidding the gutter.

Automatic bumpers are, in contrary to old bumpertubes, easy to control for you and your bowling customers and they look a lot more professional.

Say bye bye to the tubes

Are you still using bumpertubes? Then it is about time to replace them by new automatic bumpers.

We're sorry to say, but do the old tubes have ANY advantages?:

  • All players HAVE to play with or without the tubes for the entire game.
  • Placing the tubes between games takes up quite a bit of time. And you need extra staff to take care of this because your customers aren't aloud to enter the lanes.
  • Let's face it: the old tubes look awefull! They give a messy impression.
  • And they often show damange and are easily destroyed.

Automatic bumpers, the modern alternative!

Automatic bumpers are connected with your scoring system. From the front desk (in case of a pc) or by the bowling console, your guests can choose whether they want to use the bumpers. This is easily adjustable for EACH player. The bumpers go up at the right time for the right player. After the player's turn they automatically go down.

Advantages of the automatic bumpers:

  • The bumpers are (if not in use) hardly visible.
  • The bumpers don't have to be placed by hand.
  • The bumpers go up automatically at the right player's turn. So you don't have to get extra staff.
  • The bumpersystem is very safe.

Electrical bumpers versus pneumatic bumpers

There are different sorts of bumpersystems. BCE delivers only electrical bumpersystems. Because electrical bumpersystems have, in contrary to pneumatic bumpersystems the following advantages:

  • When using electrical bumpers there is no need for a noisy compressor.
  • Electrical bumpers move gradually in a constant flow up and down(avoiding the one big clap).
  • Electrical bumpers barely make a sound.
  • Electrical bumpers are safe. The system stops automatically in case of obstruction.