Service contracts for Bowling

A service contract

A contract might sound as a heavy load, but that is certainly not the case with BCE.

What it comes down to is that we make an appointment with you to visit your bowling a few times a year for preventive maintenance service.

The frequency of maintenance depends on the number of lanes, the load due to use and the maintenance that may be carried out by your own technical service.

On average, our mechanic visits your bowling for preventive maintenance 4 times a year. This frequency can of course be adjusted up or down.

Malfunction ... which malfunction ?!

BCE does preventive maintenance service! By carrying out preventive (active) maintenance we reduce the chance that your bowling falls into trouble to zero! We are therefore not (reactively) waiting for a malfunction to resolve it. After all, you do not want to disappoint your guests because your lanes are stilling.

Lower rates

If you have a service contract with us, you will receive a discount on our hourly rates and you will also receive a discount on parts and supplies.

Priority in case of a failure

If you have a service contract with us and you are unexpectedly affected by a fault, we will always deal with this failure with the highest priority!

Service contracts for oil machines

We also have service contracts for oil machines. A mechanic performs maintenance twice a year on your oil machine, each time a small service check is followed by a large one. This method of maintenance ensures that your oil machine is always in top condition!