Repair of circuit boards and parts for Bowling


For repair of printed circuit boards, control cabinets, VLCs, Elexen, APIs etc. you can contact us. We repair electrical components of, among others, Brunswick, Qubica AMF, Steltronic, Vollmer, Spellmann, S.E.S. etc.

The costs of a repair depend on the complexity of the cause and on the costs for any required electronics components.


If repair is not possible because certain components are irreparably damaged or parts are no longer available, we can also exchange your product in a number of cases.

In case of an exchange, you supply your defective component and you will receive an identical replacement component instead.

The costs for an exchange component are usually fixed.

More information

If you have a defective bowling component that you would like to have repaired or you want to receive a global cost indication, you can always contact us and ask about the possibilities we can offer you.

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