Periodic Preventive Maintenance for Bowling

Periodic maintenance

If your bowling is not periodically maintained, there will be wear and tear, making malfunctions unavoidable. In addition, the life of your valuable investment will be severely limited with undesirable costs as a result.

You can compare the maintenance of your bowling with the maintenance of a car. In the case of a car, tires, brake pads, etc. must also be replaced periodically and a car must also be periodically serviced so that it can operate safely and smooth.

That is why maintaining your bowling is essential!

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Preventive character

You should always be ahead of the outage! Passively waiting for the 'blow' is not the method because this always happens at unexpected moments and if it does not come cheap! You will get caught in a long line of disturbances and revenue loss.

That is why the maintenance of your bowling must have a preventive character. As a result, faults are reduced to virtually zero!

The preventive nature of the periodic maintenance ensures that your bowling is always in top condition and that you will not face any unexpected big problems.

Wear and tear sensitive or defective parts are (timely) replaced, everything else is thoroughly checked, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted.

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Service by BCE

Of course we can carry out the service to your bowling. This can be done on demand. Together with you, we then schedule a date for the maintenance. You also have the option of taking out an advantageous service contract. If you have a service contract, we will come to you at the agreed number of times per year to carry out maintenance at reduced rates.

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What you can and must do yourself! (daily maintenance)

Dirt and dust are disastrous for your bowling installation! Due to dirt and dust, not only the track panels wear, the dirt and dust are also transported with the balls towards the machines, lifts and balreturns, resulting in unnecessary wear.

Wat u minimaal zelf kunt, of zelfs moet doen om uw bowling te onderhouden is het volgende:

  • Clean the approach area
  • Clean lane panels (under the pins)
  • Clean gutters
  • Clean the rack of the ballreturn
  • Apply first 4 meters of the lane panels with runway oil (lane conditioner)
Download here the brochure about bowling and lane maintenance