Scoring Systems for Bowling

Market leader in the bowling industry

The Steltronic scoring systems is one of the most installed system in the bowling world. Since its founding in 1980, Steltronic has developed into the market leader in the field of scoring systems for bowling and skittle.


The scoring systems are universal and therefore work together with every brand and type of bowling machine. Because of this you are not bound by the often very expensive scoring systems of the machine manufacturers.

Stand-Alone or Front Desk PC

The stand-alone system works with input consoles. After you have released the bowling, your guests enter the names via the console, after which they can go bowling.

The system with Front Desk PC has more options. This way you can fully control the bowling from this PC which is usually at the counter.

From the PC you can open and close the courses, enter the names of the players, add players, move groups of players to another job, print scores and even more!

More information

If you want more information about the possibilities of the scoring systems, you can of course always contact us.

If you want to see the scoring systems live in action then we can also make an appointment with one of our relations in your area.