Contructing or starting a Bowling

To build a Bowling

Are you planning to start a bowling center or expand your existing business with bowling lanes? Then BCE BOWLING is the ideal partner to advise, guide and realize your plans.

As a brand independent supplier and installer, we can serve you at the best prices.

The importance of being well informed

Before you start building your bowling it is important that you are well informed. This way you can determine what you want or do not want. For a bowling there are many possibilities. Once it is built, it is no longer easy to switch.

Solutions for every wish and application

Before you can start building it is important that you know exactly what sort of bowling you want. There are many different choices.

Whether it's a bowling, mini-bowling or micro-bowling. A bowling for sports or recreation. Or our newest invention; the 'mobile bowling alley'. From a private bowling to a large bowling center, BCE Bowling has a suitable solution for every wish.

Focused on your budget

BCE Bowling is brand independent and therefore flexible in the composition of all elements that together form a bowling.

From low-budget to high-end, depending on your budget, we make an appropriate proposal.